Sunday, 5 January 2014

Crochet Hook Roll Tutorial

I really enjoy doing crochet projects and I have a few different sized crochet hooks but I kept forgetting where I put them and didn't have anywhere specific to store them. So I decided to make a Crochet Hook Roll to keep them in safely.

There are quite a few tutorials available on the internet but I wanted to make one in the easiest way possible. I have shared with you how I made my crochet hook roll on this post.


  • I large piece of fabric (main body) 20in x 12in
  • I medium piece of fabric (large pocket) 10in x 12in
  • I small piece of fabric (small pocket) 6in x 2.5in
  • Ribbon
  • Sewing machine / scissors

Step 1: Cut out the fabric pieces that you need for the project (pic 1)
Step 2: Fold the Large piece in half (pattern sides facing) and sew down the 2 sides. (pic 2)
Step 3: Fold in half the medium piece (pattern side facing) and sew down the 2 sides (pic 3)
Step 4: Fold in half the small piece (pattern side facing) and sew down the 2 sides. (pic 4)

Step 5: Now turn the pieces inside out so that you can now see the pattern side. Fold in the bottom hem of all pieces and sew along the bottom securing the bottom where the fabric is open. You can stitch all the way around each piece to secure the fabric. (see pic 5)
Step 6: Add the small pocket to the corner of the medium pocket and stitch down the 2 sides and the bottom leaving the top open. Then stitch down the pocket twice so leaving small pockets. (see pic 6)
Step 7: Then add the medium pocket to the large piece of fabric, sewing down the 2 sides and the bottom leaving the top open. Then sew straight lines down the pocket to make small pockets to hold the crochet hooks. (see pic 7)
Step 8: Then fold over the top piece of fabric to make it look like a flap of an envelope. Make sure it can cover the top of the crochet hooks. Then stitch along the top of the fold so that it secures the fabric to make a permanent flap. (see pic 8)

Step 9: Then attach a folded ribbon to the side of the crochet roll. (see pic 9)
Step 10: Add all your hooks, needles scissors that you need for your crochet projects (see pic 10)
Step 11: To fold the crochet roll you need to make sure the flap is covering the hooks (see pic 11) and then roll it from the opposite end of the ribbon side. Then simply tie a bow around the roll with the ribbon to secure it (see pic 12)

I do hope you enjoyed my first tutorial. Hopefully I will have some more tutorials for you soon insha'Allah.


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