Sunday, 2 February 2014

Crochet Booties

Crochet baby booties

Over the past week I have been busy making a variety of crochet booties which are great for all those VIB's! (very important baby).

Crochet baby booties

In the photo above there are some pink crochet booties with a white sole and collar, there is also a white bow in the front of the booties. I crocheted these free hand so I unfortunately can't give you a pattern.

Crochet baby booties

Above there is a mini baby sneaker again I didn't follow a pattern ,but I did get the idea from a YouTube tutorial. Here is the link Crochet Baby Sneakers

Crochet baby booties

This photo above was another free hand project that I did for my sister's barbie doll.

Crochet baby booties

This photo shows a booty I actually did follow a pattern for! The white booty has a white sole and pink collar, I also added a pink bow. Here is the pattern it is split into several videos here is the first video link Crochet Booty Part 1 

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