Sunday, 23 March 2014

Crochet Flower Brooch

brooch pin crochet

I was asked a while ago to make a crochet gift for a friend of my mum's. She didn't mind what it was, only that it was a handmade gift made by me!  I decided to make a brooch that she could either wear with a scarf or clothes or even attach to a bag.

brooch pin crochet

As shown above I made the flower on the brooch by making a mixture of different coloured/sized crochet flowers , I also made it with different thickness of wool. I then sewed the flowers together with matching threads ( as shown above ). Then I added a sew on brooch pin I got from a craft store. I hope you like it :)

My mum's friend was so keen for me to do this special request that she even paid me for my work - I was soooo happy, Masha'Allah.


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  1. Gorgeous mashaAllah. You make me want to get my crochet needles out.x