Monday, 27 October 2014

DIY Dolls Wardrobe

dolls wardrobe shoe box

My little sister wanted a wardrobe for her dolls clothes so I decided to make one for her with crafts that I already had at home. She was really happy with how it looked when I had finished.

I used an old shoe box for the frame of the wardrobe. Then I decorated it with craft paper and gold coloured tape. I used an old storage box for some drawers. I used some sticks to make the wardrobe pole and bracelet pole. I used some grippers to hang the bags onto. I had a little help from my mum to glue the parts on with the hot glue gun. I made some clothes hangers using some paper clips and straws. I made some furniture for her too.

dolls wardrobe shoe box

Below shows a clothes hanger I made from a paper clip for the dolls clothes.


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