Friday, 7 November 2014

Sea Glass Jewellery Making

I have been busy this last week making jewellery pieces. I was inspired to start making jewellery after visiting a craft stall last Sunday. I bought some cheap jewellery from a charity shop and dismantled it to make other pieces of jewellery with it. I made some lovely earrings for myself and loved the wiring work that was done on it. Then on Thursday I popped into another craft shop which had a lot of sea glass jewellery and had a lovely chat with the owner. She gave me a free demonstration on how to do the wiring and gave me a few pieces of sea glass for me to practice with. I went home and started working on them straight away. The photograph above shows the pieces of sea glass that I have wire wrapped.

The photograph above shows the original necklace I bought at a charity shop and also a pair of earrings that I made from the parts of the necklace. I managed to make 3 pairs of earrings and a couple of necklaces from that one necklace.

The photograph above shows me working on the jewellery.

Today I went to the beach to look for some sea glass ( see the photograph above) and came home with a lot of different shades.

The photograph below shows the original crystal that I bought at the craft fair that had inspired me to start making my own jewellery. I attached some wiring and added a chain.

The lady who ran the craft stall that first inspired me has her own online business - here is her link.

The lady who gave me some free sea glass and a demonstration has her own facebook page:

I hope you liked my jewellery making attempts. Hopefully after a few more practices I will be able to do more designs insha'Allah.


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