Friday, 6 March 2015

Bed Tidy Tutorial

I decided to make Bed Tidy to go on the side of my bed so that I can place things in like my reading book. I am in a top bed of a bunk bed so can't easily place something on the floor so having something next to me to store things would make things much easier for me.

I recently bought some new bedding for my bed and had a small matching throw for the bottom of the bed which I decided to use to make the tidy so that everything matched.  I only needed part of the rectangle fabric and luckily all the edges were already sewn neatly apart from the end that I cut.

My Easy Tutorial:

Step 1: Cut out a piece of rectangular fabric measuring it against the side of the bed to get the required size. If it needs the hems sewn then do this first. I only had to hem one side where I cut the fabric.
Step 2: Fold the fabric over making the pocket shape you require and pin the edges together where you require stitching. I made sure that the top  flap would be long enough to clip over the wooden rail on the bed.
Step 3: I stitched down the right side and left side of the large pocket securing the 2 pieces so making a large pocket.
Step 4: I then used some sew on fasteners and placed them onto the fabric in the top corners and just above the pocket so that I could secure this bed tidy to the wooden rail.
Step 5: Place the finished item onto the bed and use for any items you want handy like a book or some tissues.

Here is a different angle photo of where the bed tidy has been placed.

I hope you like my sewing project.


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