Sunday, 26 April 2015

Car Mirror Hanger

I recently made a lovely mobile at a craft event that my mum now has hanging on her rear-view mirror in her car. It was made out of just twigs,string and beads.

I first made a cross shape with the twigs and tied it in place with string. I then placed a strip of string inside a bead and knotted one end and then attached it to one end of the twig. I then repeated this with the other 3 ends of the twigs. I then attached a long piece of string to the centre and made a loop so that this craft can be hung from something above. My mum wanted to hang it in her car.


Saturday, 18 April 2015

Vintage Teacup Pincushion Tutorial

I made a vintage teacup pincushion this week. I bought some lovely teacups from a charity/thrift shop for a bargain price and used my crafts at home to finish the work. Here is my tutorial.

Items needed:

Teacup (saucer optional)
Glue gun

Step 1: Cut out some fabric in a circle shape which is 2 times the size of the rim of the cup. So if the rim of the cup is 7cm then you need a circle with a diameter of 14cm.
Step 2: Stitch around the edge of the circle of fabric with a loose stitch so that you can gather it at the end so leave some plenty at the end.
Step 3: Place your wadding/stuffing into the circle and pull the thread so that the fabric is full with wadding and that you can secure the end by tying the thread together to close.
Step 4: Using your hot glue attach the ball of fabric into the cup making sure it is secure inside. You can also hot glue the cup to the saucer if you wish.
Step 5: Using any craft decorations glue these onto the cup to make it look more pretty. I glued on some flowers and bows.

I hope you like this lovely vintage teacup pincushion that I made. It is a great way to upcycle any teacups you have lying around the house. There are many YouTube videos showing this technique if you like following video tutorials, just search for teacup pincushions.


Saturday, 11 April 2015

Glass Bottle Necklaces

Here is a new design of necklace I have been making. For this particular one I have bought the miniature bottles already filled, but I also have some empty bottles which I will probably be filling with different things for another project.


Thursday, 2 April 2015

Teacup Candle Tutorial

teacup candle tutorial upcycling

I made my first ever teacup candle yesterday and thought I would share with you my tutorial. Please note I have used an old pan that I will only use for candlewax. You could use a glass jug placed inside a pan of boiling water instead so then the candlewax isn't on the pan.

Items needed:

  • Old candles/candle wax
  • Candle wicks with sustainer
  • Wooden Kebab skewer sticks
  • Teacup/saucer
  • Pan/container to boil wax in
  • Grater/sharp knife
  • Optional: Colouring/scents

teacup candle tutorial upcycling


Step 1: Grate the candle if using ready made candles. Use a grater or scrape the candle carefully using a knife.

Step 2: Place the grated wax into an old pan (or jug in a pan of hot water). Place the pan on the hob and heat until all the wax has melted. Optional you could add colouring or scents into the melted wax at this stage.
Step 3: Place the candle wick with sustainer into the centre of the cup. Use the skewer to wrap the candle wick around so that the skewer balances on the rim of the cup making sure the candle wick is the right height and touching the base of the cup and in a neat vertical position.

Step 4:  Pour the melted wax into the cup, leaving a little spare in the pan for later. Allow to dry, should be for about an hour but could be longer. Before drying completely, there maybe a dip in the centre of the candle. If this is the case then use the remaining wax and pour in the cup covering the dip.
Step 5: Once completely dry you can then cut the wick to the right height, probably about the height of the cup should be ok.
Step 6: Place the cup onto a matching saucer if you have and you now have a ready made unique candle for your home or to gift.