Sunday, 3 May 2015

DIY Dress Form Tutorial

dress form tutorial sewing duct tape

I have always wanted a dress form so that when I make sewing alterations on my clothes I can have a perfect sized dummy to practice with.  My mum agreed to help me make one and we looked online for some video-tutorials to give us an idea of how to make the easiest and cheapest one.  This is our version of how we made this.

Items needed:

Find a tight fitting top that you don't need any more as it will be cut up during this process.
Duct Tape (or something similar)
Cardboard for to patch the armholes etc.
Newspaper for stuffing
Optional (fittings if attaching a pole)


Step 1: Once you are wearing the top start taping all around the body. We started around the front chest part and then to shoulders. We did one layer in sliver tape and then added a second layer with black so we knew we had covered the area twice.
Step 2: You may need to cut at the back before finishing as it gets very hot and breathing can be restricted and you don't want anybody collapsing. As long as the main shape is done this should not be a problem.
Step 3: Cut down the back, cutting through the top and tape making sure not to cut into the skin.
Step 4: Remove the taped dress form from the person and tape up the cut to make the form into a hollow form.
Step 5: Cut some cardboard and place into the arm and neck holes and secure with tape.
Step 6: Scrunch up very tightly old newspaper and place very tightly into the dress form making sure the inside arms are packed too.
Step 7: Once you have finished stuffing the newspaper inside then secure the bottom with cardboard too and tape the hole over.
Step 8: Optional - If you wish to secure a pole then find some suitable fittings and attach the form to a pole and stand.

You now have the perfect dress form for your sewing needs or for display purposes. You could add fabric or decorative paper if you want this for display only.

One of the best YouTube videos I found helpful was this one:


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