Saturday, 4 July 2015

Monster High Tutu Bag Tutorial

monster high tutu bag tutorial sewing

My little sister likes Monster High and has quite a few of the dolls. She recently saw a cute Monster High Bag which she liked but it was a bit expensive so I decided to make one for her with fabric I already had at home as a surprise.

I didn't think about making a tutorial at first so don't have all the step by step photos but I am sure you can understand my instructions.

monster high tutu bag tutorial sewing

Items needed:

Different coloured Felt
Tutu Fabric
Needle and Thread
Fabric Glue

Step 1: Cut out a small circle of felt for the base of your bag. Then cut out a rectangle shape piece of felt that will be long enough to go around the base of the bag and high enough as you want it to be.
Step 2: Hand stitch the rectangle to the base of the bag making like a cylinder type shape. Hand stitch the side of the bag where the two ends of the rectangle piece of fabric meet.
Step 3: Cut out a thin rectangle piece of felt long enough to go around the perimeter of the bag.
Step 4: Cut out many strips of tutu fabric in rectangle strips. These need to be twice as long as the depth of the bag. Then tie each piece around the long strip of felt. So that the one piece of tutu fabric is now halved. Do this all the way along the strip with each piece of rectangle piece of tutu fabric.
Step 5: Then hand sew this strip of felt with all the tutu fabric on it onto the base of the bag all the way around. You may need to trim the tutu fabric to make sure it looks fairly even.
Step 6: I used different coloured fabric to make the Monster High Badge. I cut out a badge shape in Blue Felt. I then cut out half a badge shape in Pink felt and glued this ont oth main badge. I then cut out the letters M and H in black felt and glued this on top of the badge. I then glued this onto the front of the bag.
Step 7: To make the handle cut out a piece of thin strip of felt long enough as you want the handle. Using a piece of tutu fabric twist it around the felt piece to make a nice twisted design for the handle. Sew the ends of the felt and tutu fabric together. Then sew the handle onto the bag near the rim.

My little sister loves her new bag.


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