Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Furniture Makeover - Dresser

Another project I have been working on for my new craft studio. I bought an old dressing table for £10 and using some paint I had from another project (shown in last weeks' blog post) I did a makeover. The new craft desk looks more arty now and fits into the craft room beautifully. It can be hard to tell by the photographs but the colour is a bright blue and a bright purple colour. I used furniture paint for this dressing table. I painted this myself with the help of my mum.

If you missed last weeks project here is a photo and a link:


Sunday, 23 August 2015

Furniture Makeover - Desk

I have been really busy for the past few weeks.  I have now got my own place (Studio) to do my crafts. However I have had to furnish it and decorate it myself with the help of my mum of course. It is still in the process of being fixed up, but thought I would start sharing with you some of the projects linked to this Studio.

One project is that I wanted a large desk, trying to do this within a small budget has meant we have all had to use our imagination and skills.  We bought two bedside cabinets from a charity shop, total price was £10. We bought some paint which has also been used on other projects too.  The one new item was the worktop which we bought from Ikea for £20.00. So the whole desk came to a total of about £35.00 which is great value considering the storage I have with the cabinets, much better than just purchasing expensive table legs. Also the desk is a brilliant size for me to do my crafts on.


Sunday, 9 August 2015

Henna Designs for Eid

This year I celebrated Eid in Algeria with all my cousins, They all wanted me to do henna designs for them for Eid so I took my henna cones with me on holiday.  Here are some of the designs I did for my family. They all really liked my designs.