Friday, 25 March 2016

Spring Wreath DIY Tutorial

This week I made a Spring Wreath at my 'Guides' weekly meeting.  This was really easy to make.  I didn't take any photographs of making it, as we were in the class.  However all it involved were 4 things.

  • Polystyrene Ring
  • Craft Paper - Cut into strips
  • Craft Pins - To attach to ring.
  • Hessian - As a Hoop to hang.

Quick instructions:  Cut out strips of craft paper (make sure all the same length and width to make it look neat.  Then pin them all around the wreath going in one direction all the way around. I did 3 rows but you can do less or more depending on coverage.  Attach the hessian with the pins too.  It is now ready for you to hang up and display.

Hope you like this easy to make Spring Wreath.

If you look on a search engine you should find some video tutorials if that makes it easier to understand.


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