About Me

Message from Mum
This page is all about the crafts and art that my 11 year old daughter does. She loves anything to do with art and wanted to have everything logged in a blog just like my own blog. I set up this blog so that she can showcase her work.

Message from Crafty Girl
Hi, and welcome, I am 11 years old and I love art! I sometimes make a mess which can sometimes be a problem in the house, so that is why I love going to art class each fortnight so I can do loads of types of art and be as messy as I want.  I also love to crochet, draw and sew: I have been using the sewing machine since I was six and like to make my own headbands and I can also make aprons. I also like to embroider, especially felt bookmarks.  I am homeschooled by my mum so i have free time during the day to do art. I hope you like looking at my projects.Be sure to like and add a comment .